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What is SKM-PPT?

A person is officially recognized for the expertise or skills possessed based on experience and work done by awarding the Malaysian Skills Certificate by the Skills Development Department, Ministry of Human Resources.

PPT Contoh Sijil Techtra Academy

Concept of SKM-PPT

Skilled Individuals + Work Experience eligible to receive SIJIL KEMAHIRAN MALAYSIA..

Certificate issued & recognized by: - 1. Skills Development Department (JPK) 2. Ministry of Human Resources (KSM)

Advantages of SKM Through PPT Compared to Through Training
  1. No Need to Attend Training - Participants do not need to learn again about the skills they have. Example: Technicians don't have to attend technical classes again. However, participants must attend the online SKM-PPT application workshop.
  2. A short period of time - Example: The SKM certificate can be obtained through automotive training in approximately 24 months (estimated). However, participants using the SKM-PPT method can receive the certificate in just 6 months (estimated).

Lower Costing - The course fee for the Automotive Technology SKM course, up to level 3, is approximately RM 22,000 - RM 28,000. However, the fee for the SKM-PPT application preparation workshop, up to level 3, is RM 5,000 - RM 8,000.

Why Do You Need to Take SKM-PPT?
  1. A form of recognition for an individual's accomplishments and skills in a specific area.
  2. To fulfill the requirements for a promotion and increase in salary.
  3. To meet the requirements of being accepted to work in a company.
SKM Application Preparation Workshop

This workshop helps skilled workers to obtain information and guidance on the correct methods and methods for SKM-PPT applications and the correct SKM- PPT application methods, and procedures.

SKM โ€“ PPT: - (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia)

a) Conditions of Participation:

- Level 2 requires 2 years of work experience.

- Level 3 needs 3 years of work experience.

b) Workshop Duration: 2 months

c) Mode : Online/Physical Classes: Google Classroom/Techtra Campus

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Good experience in this collage , good good
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