Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology

This course provides an intermediate understanding of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies. Participants will learn how to perform basic inspections and maintenance on Hybrid/Electric systems, with a focus on safety. It is crucial to understand the risks involved in handling High Voltage systems, including electrocution and fire hazards.

The outcomes of this training are to:

Explain how Hybrid and Electric Vehicles work
Perform inspections on Hybrid and Electric vehicles
React appropriately during a vehicle breakdown or accident
Safely charge Hybrid and Electric vehicles
Differentiate types of fire and respond accordingly
Identify risks associated with High Voltage systems and mitigate them
Explain how High Voltage Batteries are maintained and repaired

Vehicle Care and Safe Driving

As complicated as cars can be, the basic underlying technologies remains the same; an engine and a transmission driving a set of wheels, a suspension system to attach the chassis to each wheel, and a braking system to stop the vehicle. All these systems require simple periodic inspection and maintenance to keep them running in top form at all times.

The competency includes:

Detect initial fault on vehicles.
Perform tyre change.
Diagnose body electrical systems
Drive safely under different road conditions.
React accordingly during a vehicle breakdown or an accident.
Perform preventive maintenance and inspection on personal and company vehicles.

Advance Electrical Diagnostic

We are in the age where electronic control systems are in charge of the entire vehicle. As more and more mechanical parts are being replaced by electrically controlled actuators, it is necessary for a competent automotive technician to be well versed in the field of electronic controlled system.


This course is specially designed to expose technicians to automotive electrical systems, giving them a deeper level of understanding on its principle of operations. At the final subtopic, participants should be able to perform electrical diagnostics with the aid of multimeters, test lights, and diagnostic scan tools.  

The competency includes:

Explaining the IPO concept
Conduct electrical tests using a voltmeter
Conduct electrical tests using an ohmmeter
Diagnose charging & starting system
Diagnose body electrical systems
Explain serial communications between electronic control systems

Engine management system and oscilloscope fundamental

As the world grew increasingly conscious of environmental pollutions, automakers push even harder to reduce emissions while simultaneously trying to maintain or increase engine performance to please car owners. The end result is a very complicated and delicate engine management system that gets harder by the day to diagnose and repair.

At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:

Understand how the IPOs of the Engine Management System.
Use an oscilloscope to perform diagnosis.
Prepare a diagnosis plan.
Apply the use of diagnostic scan tool on engine diagnostics.
Conduct tests on engine management system components
Apply various other engine test equipment on engine diagnostics

HVAC operation, service and diagnosis

The HVAC system runs on the principles of thermodynamics. In this short course, participants will learn the science of heat transfer of the HVAC system. At the same time, the electronic control behind this system is not to be missed. Participants will be shown various methods in servicing and diagnosing the HVAC system with proper tools, from refrigerant compression until cabin ventilation.

At the end of this short course, participants will be able to:

Explain the operation of the HVAC system
Inspect AC system pressure
Perform diagnostics on the AC refrigerant system.
Conduct servicing of the AC system using a refrigerant recycling and recovery machine

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