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1st in Southeast Asia Equipped with European Vehicle Technology - Techtra Academy Malaysia

Ôťů European (Continental) Vehicle Training Model
Ôťů Newest Global & European Technologies
Ôťů Professional Tools Use in Training
Ôťů Early Bird Rebate RM6,000.00
Ôťů Fast-Track UK Awarding Certificate
Ôťů Award-Winning Training Campus Facility
Ôťů 0% Interest Instalment Plan on Courses
Ôťů 100% Guaranteed Job Placement Upon Graduation
Ôťů 70% Hands-on Practical Training
Ôťů Real Workshop Experience Training


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Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

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automotive mechanic school near me

Automotive Academy near me

About us

Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

Techtra Automotive Academy

Automotive Training Centre

We are an Automotive Academic Training Centre in Malaysia founded in 2021 by our parent company, Techtrics Auto, one of the top 5 largest 2S independent auto-repair workshops in Selangor. We are recognized and certified by Malaysia and Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK), meeting the highest local and international standards of excellence in education.

Our students are given the education they need to realize their aspirations of entering the automotive industry, learning about current automotive systems, as well as diagnostic and service techniques. Those who enroll in our diploma course are provided with a perfect learning environment where they can acquire theoretical knowledge in the classroom and practical experience from internships with Techtrics Auto. Upon graduation, numerous career opportunities in the automotive industry await them through our connections and certification. All of this is done with the goal of preparing a new generation of automotive technicians to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

Approved Centre by:

TQUK Techtra Automotive Academy Malaysia
jpk (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) Malaysia - Techtra Certified Automotive Academy

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Automotive Academy Courses

Automotive Training Institute in Puchong, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Automotive Classes

Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK) Courses

TQUK Diploma

Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK) is our accreditable international body.

Ofqual Regulated

TQUK is an awarding organization (AO) which established in September 2013. It is recognized and regulated by the Office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

Top 10 Awarding Organization

Report published by Ofqual stated that TQUK is currently one of the TOP-10 largest AO in the UK and internationally.

best auto mechanic school in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

Join our open day on 7 Jan 2023 (9am – 3pm)

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Produce Skillful and Knowledgeable Manpower To The Auto-industry

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Know your talent

Identify your talents, ambitions, and dream realization becoming reality.

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Prove your talent

Sharpen skills and develop self-propelling desire to constantly enhance one-self.

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Fight for your talent!

Utilizing of equipped skills and refined talents, auto-world changer.

Google 5 Stars Rating

An excellent place that can study a lot knowledge in automotive
environment good´╝îall the people are very friendly.
Very friendly staff and overall a very comfortable environment
Sie Ern Kung
Sie Ern Kung
here have more chances to practical about the modern cars and the teachers also have lot of experiences for teaching
Lai Jia Cheng
Lai Jia Cheng
nice academy in malaysia­čśä
Nam Tan
Nam Tan
Bek Shuang Chuen
Bek Shuang Chuen
Best automotive academy ever. Lots of supercars.­čśŹ­čśŹ­čśŹ
Aricin Yong
Aricin Yong
The environment is good, can be trusted, and most importantly can get a lot of experience on other German cars.
Emryl Shah
Emryl Shah
Do you know what i like more than my lamborghini... my porsche , and here at techtra you will be able to learn how to fix it . ­čśë
Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

Why Techtra Automotive Academy?

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automotive technology courses description

01. Theoretical Practical Theology

Students are given the opportunities to explore the latest automotive technologies in fully equipped, modern facilities and with auto-industry standard machineries. Eagled focused practical skills and abilities. (70% hands-on, 30% theory)

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04. 0% Interest Installment On Tuition Fees

Installment plan for course and/or tuition fees are available upon request. Education made simpler accessible to mass.

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05. Electronic software for diagnostic

Variety of vehicles for students to do practical training, mainly focused on European (Continental) vehicles, but also provided the Japanese and Local manufactured vehicles.

Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

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02. Strategically Located In KL

Students here enjoy cosmopolitan living with access to all modern amenities of the city such as the Light Rail Transport (LRT), buses, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, entertainment spots and etc.

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03. Job opportunities

Job placement is guaranteed upon course completion.

06. Fun and exciting environment

Facilities expand studentÔÇÖs learning beyond the classroom to ensure effective transfer of industry knowledge and skills.

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Why European Vehicle As Training Model?

The European marques are well known for their advanced technology. They make use of complex electronics to achieve higher level of control for the benefits of extra performance, comfort and safety driving pleasure. Throughout our years of experiences working with upper class luxury vehicles, we realized that there is constant shortage of European vehicle specialist. Therefore, our primary focus is on European vehicles and have made it our priority to prepare our students to work with the most complex and up-to-date modern automotive technologies.

Upper Class Luxury Vehicle

Advanced Technology

Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

Automotive Engineering Courses


This program establishes a broad understanding of systems used in the late model passenger vehicles. Students study theory, operation, diagnosis, and repair of all systems designed in todayÔÇÖs vehicles. In addition, students complete a variety of classes in the automotive field, including lectures and hands-on lab activities. Lab activities are held in our lab, where students utilize tools and equipment typically found in new car dealerships.

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Experience Opportunity


In addition, students are required to complete internships by securing an apprentice position at an approved service facility. There, they will earn allowance while gaining practical knowledge in an industry setting. Site options include independent, franchise, chain or dealership service facilities.

Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

Automotive Technology Training Courses


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automotive engineering crash course

Check out what students say

Build your future with Techtra Automotive Academy (TTA) that is recognized/accredited by Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK). We have a unique guiding strategy that is simple and straightforward. No doubt to highly recommend to equip yourself

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Car Repair Training Course

Potential Career Position

Your career path should account for your goals, future plans and personality. Considering these factors can help you choose the right starting position and make strategic decisions over time.

Diagnostic Technician/Specialist

Automotive Technician

Job Controller / Supervisor

Workshop Manager

Service Advisor

Warranty Executive

Customer Relation Executive

Customer Service Officer

QC supervisor

Technical Specialist

Automotive Entrepreneur

Workshop Owner

Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

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Automotive Engineering Courses

If you are looking for a useful courses on automotive engineering and ridding yourself of the next level, Techtra Automotive Academy is your best choice. Our trainers are sent for training periodically for skill and knowledge improvement.

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Best Automotive College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (TechTra Automotive Academy)

Automotive Technology Diploma Academy Malaysia After SPM intake Kuala Lumpur

Diploma in Automotive Technology (DAT)

Fasten your seat belt and build your future with Techtra Automotive Academy!! Academy which recognized/accredited by Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK).

Automotive Technology

automotive technology vs automotive engineering

Techtra Automotive Academy Technology program is designed to prepare new generation of automotive experts to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry. In all programs, students learn about current automotive systems and related diagnostic and service techniques in classroom and lab settings. The curriculumÔÇÖs internship components give students the valuable experience of using what they have learned in real world setting while they develop professionalism and a strong work ethic.

Graduates earn a Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK) International Diploma that prepare them for a career as an automotive technician or help them advance in other areas of automotive technology.

Successful graduates of the program will be able to:


Diagnose, repair and service current automotive technologies.


Obtain service repair information and procedures from websites and electronic databases.


Demonstrate desirable attitude and work habits while working individually or with others.


Communicate effectively and professionally with customers and fellow technicians.

Are you looking forward to be a certified automotive expert?

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Buckle Up!

.A perfect environment to satisfy your vehicular aspirations┬Ě┬áAn exciting and fun journey of automotive knowledge that guarantees wide job opportunities in one of the MalaysiaÔÇÖs high demand industries.

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LetÔÇÖs step in the boat right now!


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Know Your Talent

Prove Your Talent

Fight for Your Talent


technical training for mechanical engineers

Techtra Academy wants to earn a good name as a high-tech automotive training academy in the industry by providing the needed quality education of the industry to young blood. We also want to provide a helping hand to both the industry and the individuals associated with it by providing the knowledge they need and the ability to compete with the latest technology developments.

Our desire is to witness the youngsters excelling in their careers by utilizing their skills and capabilities to the fullest. To achieve these goals, we are guided by our principal vision and mission.

We have a vision of becoming the high-tech automotive training academy of choice raising a new generation of automotive technicians who can meet the challenges of an ever-changing field, elevating our automotive industry in the process.

To achieve this, we have made it our mission to provide students with the education and opportunities they need to realize their aspirations of entering the automotive industry. Our goal is to ensure that our students receive the theoretical automotive knowledge and practical professional experience necessary to enter the field with competitive modern knowledge of automotive technology and developments.

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Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Q.)

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How to become a certified auto mechanic?
How long does it take to become a certified auto mechanic?
What is a TQUK qualification?

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Techtra Malaysia ( Tri Taycan Sdn Bhd )


Address: 65, Jalan TPK 2/8,

Taman Perindustrian Kinrara,

47180, Puchong, Selangor,

Darul Ehsan, West Malaysia.

Tel: 018-288 6565

Tel: 018-388 6565

Email: [email protected]

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Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College
Automotive Technology Academy Study Diploma in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

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