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1st in Southeast Asia Equipped with European Vehicle Technology - Techtra Academy Malaysia

✅ European (Continental) Vehicle Training Model
✅ Newest Global & European Technologies
Professional Tools Use in Training
✅ Early Bird Rebate RM6,000.00
Fast-Track UK Awarding Certificate
Award-Winning Training Campus Facility
0% Interest Instalment Plan on Courses
100% Guaranteed Job Placement Upon Graduation
70% Hands-on Practical Training
Real Workshop Experience Training


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Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

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Automotive Academy Malaysia | Automotive Course - TechTra Academy Malaysia - Automotive College

Techtra Automotive Academy

Automotive Training Centre

We are an Automotive Academic Training Centre in Malaysia founded in 2021 by our parent company, Techtrics Auto, one of the top 5 largest 2S independent auto-repair workshops in Selangor. We are recognized and certified by Malaysia and Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK), meeting the highest local and international standards of excellence in education.

Our students are given the education they need to realize their aspirations of entering the automotive industry, learning about current automotive systems, as well as diagnostic and service techniques. Those who enroll in our diploma course are provided with a perfect learning environment where they can acquire theoretical knowledge in the classroom and practical experience from internships with Techtrics Auto. Upon graduation, numerous career opportunities in the automotive industry await them through our connections and certification. All of this is done with the goal of preparing a new generation of automotive technicians to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

Approved Centre by:

TQUK Techtra Automotive Academy Malaysia
jpk (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) Malaysia - Techtra Certified Automotive Academy

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Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK) Courses

TQUK Diploma

Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK) is our accreditable international body.

Ofqual Regulated

TQUK is an awarding organization (AO) which established in September 2013. It is recognized and regulated by the Office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

Top 10 Awarding Organization

Report published by Ofqual stated that TQUK is currently one of the TOP-10 largest AO in the UK and internationally.

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